Saturday, June 27, 2009

The other 3 Precious Moments scuts!

Last weekend I made up 7 files for PM, and posted 4 of them. This weekend I cut the last 3 and realized I should add another. So, here's the next four scut files:

Girl Angel with Ballon files

Boy with Flower Scut file

Seated Baby with Teddy Bear Scut file

After cutting the above baby, I realized I liked the baby and wanted one separate from the teddy. So, I added diaper and removed Teddy. This one I haven't cut, but here's what baby looks like:

Seated Baby Scut file

I am moving my downloadable files to which provides and easier downloading experience. Some of the older files are still on Mediafire, so please be sure you're downloading as "save as type" -- "all files".

I hope you enjoy and leave a message if you find the files useful!

Teacher Present!

My DD Hannah is finishing Grade 1, and just loves loves loves her teacher! We participated in the class present, but she wanted to give Miss L something special. So, we made the following little box together. It's stuffed full of Bernard Callebaut chocolates! Paper is K&C Urban Rhapsody, flowers are Prima, and tag is Making Memories tag curler.

Life is a Beach!

WOW! It was a busy week. As a teacher, the two busiest weeks of the year are the first week of kids, and the last. Thank goodness it's now over! Only managed to do two different things this week:

A Layout for Hannah's swim lessons. No picture to include, so I really wanted to highlight the certificate and tag. Paper is Actopus to Zelephant; cart is Life is a Beach; Stickles on mermaid are Distrissed stickles by Tim Holtz. Inspired by Scrappin Cricut

Friday, June 19, 2009

Four New Precious Moments

Happy weekend! I couldn't wait for it to come. This week I cleaned up and converted 7 files to svg to cut with my cricut. The first little lady is my favorite:

Girl with Bunny Scut file

Another little girl with flowers:

Girl with Flowers Scut file

And this little person with his bear. Two different cut files, one includes the bear although it is not physically attached to the baby; and one with just the crawling tyke.

Baby and Bear Scut file

Baby Crawling Scut file

To download these files, please click on the link. When you get a pop-up saying "save as type" you need to make sure you change the settng to "scut" or "all file" and not "text".

I appreciate all your comments, and links to other blogs! Thanks!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Precious Moments A

A is for Angel, and this one cut like an angel. I'm very happy with the outcome! This is a gift for a friend, who has just become an Auntie to a little girl. Thanks for visiting, and commenting!

Precious Moments A scut file


Clearly I'm not a "pastel" kind of girl, I could hardly find any in my stash (and I have a BIG stash of paper!). However, here's the scut for Precious Momemnts, T, my other DD's initial.

Precious Moments T scut file

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Precious Moments

My girls get a Precious Moments figurine each year for their birthday, and with all the clamor on the Cricut MB for them to make a PM cartridge (doubtful!), I thought I'd look into it a bit. I found some cute colouring pages with a PM figure and it's letter, so I've made DD#1 her letter:

She chose the horse colours -- I had envisioned a different colour mane/tail, but so be it. I'll make another and see how it looks another day.
Click for the scut file.

If you like the file and appreciate the work it took (a lot! Those colouring pages are awful!), please leave a comment!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First wave of Little People Animals

The following are the scut files (SCAL cut files) for the Fisher Price, Little People animals I have done to date. To download, please click on the link below each picture. If you like the work, please leave me a comment!

Elephant Scut file

Cow scut file

Horse Scut file

Sheep Scut file

Pig Scut file

Puppy Scut file


My very first post on my very first blog! I'm so excited to share some of my modest creations with you!