Friday, February 26, 2010

Nestabilities Look-a-Like Font!

April 24, 2010 Update: I`ve added a direct downlink box for nesties lookalike font. Here it is:

I've spent a good week on this one: a set of Nestabilities look-a-likes. These are based on most of the nesties basic shapes and labels, although I might have missed some. At first I was creating SVGs, then I found a most awesome blog with tutorial on how to create fonts with inkscape. Well, if you've seen my blog, you know I'm a technophile who really loves inkscape (now that I've gotten the hang of it!). So this was the perfect opportunity. Here's the result:

and a cut sample:

Side by side with a real Nestie (nestie cut is white)

This TTF dingbat font has 6 cirlces, 4 flower, 5 ovals, 2 octogons, 2 paisleys, 4 regular rectangles, 2 long rectangles, 4 squares and 14 labels. Interspersed and to keep the font organized, there's a cute ladybug ding too!

When you use this file, you'll need to save the font on your computer then install the font -- the fastest way is to find the file and right click on it, select "install". It will then appear in fonts in your cutting software. I would highly suggest you keep the proportions when working with the dings, especially the scallops! Here's a tag I made with the look-a-like rounded rectangle:

To request this file, I'm doing something I don't do: I'm making you comment if you want it! LOL. Anyone who wants the file is welcome to it, but I'm asking you to leave me a comment with a way to email you the file. Further, if you ask for and receive the file, please do not distribute it in any way, but direct people to my blog instead. My other cuts are fun and I like making them, but this one is special to me :-)

Finally, if you find you like the shapes, I encourage you to buy the nesties. I have a half dozen sets that I just love, and the embossing is so pretty! Also, make sure you grab my button, and if you make anything with this ttf, I'd love to see it! Thanks for the visit!

I have a button!

Happy Day! I have a button! It seems all the rage, and I would be truly honoured if you grabbed my button for your blog! The link is in the right hand column. I'm starting to collect some buttons, too, and if you leave me a comment I'll come visit and grab yours!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

That date!

Can't figure it out -- I have April 2009 as the date stamp on all my posts. Strange. Seems like I was really busy last year! LOL. I've changed blog layouts in an attempt to get rid of it -- still there! So be it. Hopefully not on this one!

Family's away this weekend, so hope to scrap some! Have a great Friday everyone!

Edited to say: it's even on this one! If anyone knows how to get rid of it, please leave me a note and let me know!

Edited again: I got an answer on Blogger Help: reset all the widgets. Go figure!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Pink Stamper Giveaway!

Robyn is giving away a new Cricut Expression! Go to her blog and check it out!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Daisy accent!

I love Primas. And, I really really really would like to make my own. So, a little while ago I saw a daisy made with DS on the cricut MB. So, here's my recreation, using a neat little font called Saru's Flower Ding. You can find it on This flower is four paired layers. When you go to make it, I inked, chalked or sprayed before assembly; especially the innermost layer! Also, bigger is better with this file. I think you could make little ones if you left off the smallest layers. This one was made at 4.5" for the biggest flower, in yellow. The 4 bigger petals go scored down the middle of each petal, like a real Gerbera Daisy. I chalked with inner layers, and used Tattered Angels Glimmer mist in Sunflower:

Here's the file:

Finally, here's the layout it was for! My DD is a city girl, and got to go to a county fair in Montana last summer. Boy, did she love it! A little girl was there exhibiting her cow, Daisy, and very graciously allowed Hannah to help her. Font is Gypsy Font; cows are from My World; daisy is from me!

Thanks for visiting. Hope you can leave a comment if you choose to download the file.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wow, this one took forever to get here!

For the Cricut MB Cropping with the stars contest I entered a neat little "word book" that's really a lift the flap book. I loved making it! It was created on my Gypsy, and I had thought about sharing it here, but it was created on an older build and is a complete mess! If you'd like it anyhow, please leave me a comment and I'll email it to you! Each little page has an EDPD or PDDU created in the image of the person, and when you lift the flap the child can see a picture of themselves with their loved one. My DD is 2 and loves lift-the-flap books, so I'll have to make more of these!

Creative punch uses!

I love punches. That's a new thing for me, but I find them so satisfying. What I don't like is their price tag! So, I got a few after Christmas when they were cheap cheap. The Pine Needles edge punch is my current favorite. I used it to make a ribbon-like band of needles for this page:

To make the ribbon like strip, it's a bit of trial and error. You'll need a slim strip, cut to length. For Pine Needles, I found 1 1/8" was a good width, leaving me with a strip connecting in the middle. It was pretty just like that, but I added ribbon to the final LO, just for added dimension. has other great ideas for using your border punches in creative ways, including making circles/ovals. They look awesome, check her blog out!

Finally, I got to use another new cartridge, Destinations. Love it! I used cricut markers to draw, then I cut and layered like a frame on my photo. Love the effect!

New cartridge for me: Heritage!

I lately just got the new cricut cartridge, Heritage. It's soooo pretty, and quite versatile: I'm using a lot of the little tags. In this LO I've cut my pictures into the tag. I always take photos of the names of where we go, particularly because I just can't seem to remember anything these days (mommy brain!). They make great tags! Just run a bit of scrap through your cricut before cutting your actual photo to check alignment!

Yellow Perch Catastrophe!

Again, from Camping last summer. Hannah caught a tiny little yellow perch, and was just devastated! She had desperately wanted to go fish, but the reality was not expected! Font for "Yellow Perch" is Segoe Script; "Catastrophe" is MisterEarl BT (a favorite!). Thanks for visiting!

Long Car Ride?

One of my favorite LOs in a long time! Wiggles was 1 and a half, and we were going camping. Car rides are only fun when your big sister sits next to you colouring, and you can grab her markers! Sadly, puppy got dragged into the action too! Font for "colour" is Morning Limerick BTN, cut with 3 layers: regular, shadow 3 and shadow 5; Font for "Long car ride... no problem" is MisterEarl BT.