Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm back!

Wow, what a great vacation! The family and I live in Alberta, Canada, and we usually camp in Montana (love that state!), but this year we wanted to see more of "the world" and decided to go to Mount Rushmore. It's GREAT there, and if you've never been, I'd definitely put that down on my list of must-sees around the world. Lots to do, lots to see! But crossing the border was funny -- the American border guard asked us what "a bunch of Canadians are doing going to see dead American presidents?" I had to laugh ....

A couple random pics:

At the beach:

About to enter a gold mine, Deadwood, South Dakoda:

Mout Rushmore:

Hannah catches a fish. Then cries. It's a scrapbooking moment:

My favorite picture of me. I don't think I'm photogenic, but this one looks like me :-)

So much to scrapbook, so many pictures. 771 pictures in 8 days.

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  1. What a fun time it looks like you had.. I live in CA and we went to Mt. Rushmore a few years ago.. I agree it was awesome, I love Abe Lincoln.. love your pictures..