Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wow, so much to do! So many files....

Well, I've been away off and on for the last three weeks, and haven't managed to scrap anything, but I did finish some cut files a week ago! So, here's a few more PM's!

This girl was made for my Tutorial, but I forgot to post the final cut file. Ooops. Enjoy:

Girl Kneeling files

A girl on her bike. This file includes a little turtle she's looking at, but somehow I've misplaced him. He's super cute though!

Girl on Bike files

And finally, a little girl with a new friend. This one will come in handy for my camping photos!

Girl with Deer files

For those looking for my next tutorial on Inkscape, it will be on the topic of making smoother cuts. Look for it in the next week or so!

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  1. Hi! Not sure if my comment got posted or not.. so here it is again =)
    I think your tutorials are Awesome! I have been trying to work on a Donald Duck for a while now.. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me out.. its a rather complicated piece.. if so please contact me at and I can send you the file to look at..

    Again your tutorials are EXCELLENT!

  2. I also think your videos are AWESOAME. I just got SCAL and don't know a thing about any of it...I have really enjoyed your videos.

  3. I love these. I know that I have boys, but I will put them on some pages of myself or my brother's girls.