Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Massive Computer Failure

For the second time this year, I'm recovering from a complete computer failure. About 2 weeks ago, my brand new in May computer froze during start-up and nothing would make it GO! Fortunately, it's now fixed. Unfortunately, all my files are gone. Totally. Except the ones hosted on box.net, so that's okay I guess. No photos have been lost (those are all kept in two separate places -- one external drive, one partitioned drive) but I'm so sad to have lost so much of the other files I'd started.

Cay sera, sera...

Oh a happier note, JustMe on the cricut MB has sent me some awesome materials to work with, which I should be able to share with everyone in the upcoming months. I've been asked to do some of the PM wedding, and I want to work on the PM birthday train figures.

Thanks for stopping by! Let's hope I can keep this 'puter going....

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