Thursday, December 23, 2010

Glitter Christmas Ornaments

This week, my two daughters and I made those Glittered Christmas ornaments that seem to be all the rage on the crafting boards this year! Here's the ones we made:

Supplies: Pledge Future Shine. This can be kind of tricky to find, but I got mine in the floor cleaning section of Real Canadian Superstore (Canada). I've heard it's available in Wal-mart, but not in the regular cleaning section. Here's what it looks like:

Martha Stewart Fine Glitter. I bought the 24-pack one, and did this project with a classroom thirty grade 5/6 students. We used about two-thirds of the glitter, but ended up with 60 glittered balls (and they were none too careful! It got spilled and spread all over the room!). This stuff goes a long way!

Glass Ornament balls from Michaels
Vinyl or stickers
Cricut and font cartridge of choice (I used Winter Woodland)

1. Open Glass ball. If dusty, rinse and allow to dry.
2. Pour in about an ounce of Pledge Future. Swirl around, coating entire inside. Drain back into bottle for reuse. Allow to drain completely, about a couple minutes.
3. Use a funnel to pour a generous amount of glitter into the ornament. Shake to coat thoroughly. For two-tone ornaments, carefully swish glitter just where you want it. Drain excess.
4. Replace lid. Cut vinyl letter or shape and adhere. Hang with ribbon and enjoy!

My 8 year old daughter did this with no assistance, just supervision, and my just-turned 3 year old did the pouring and holding with help, and very much enjoyed the shaking and applying stickers!

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  1. Wow, this is great!! Well done on getting them all done :o)

    My head must have been in the sand, as I haven't seen these anywhere. Living in England, I will also have a hard time tryig to find somethihg simnilar that I can use, gee, the times I have wished that I live in America!!!!! I have been there several times, and was so amazed at how cheap everything is compared to over here, and how easy it is to get everything! No, no, I am NOT jealous.........tee hee

    Thanks so much for sharing

    Kind regards
    Helen from England