Friday, April 8, 2011

Lovebirds: Everyday Pop Up Cards

I'm very excited to get a new cartridge from Cricut, called Everyday Pop Up Cards. It's lovely, but sadly does not come with operating instructions! LOL. The "pop up" part is a little confusing, and since it's so new, there are very few tutorials. I made this card for my dad and his new wife with the intention of doing a photo tutorial, but honestly these things need a video! So, another day I'll try a different card and make a new video. However, there are quite a few different ways to assemble the pop-ups, with most cards having both an icon-type pop-up and a phrase pop-up, and each might be assembled/attached differently. I guess it's trial and error until Cricut puts out some instructions!

Anyhow, here's my card:

Here's the inside pop-up. Very cute, but a little hard to see in the photo, since it's white-on-white. The birds have dimensional wings, and the whole heart pops forward:

The attachment points on the back of the heart, and a view of the dimensional wings:

This was one of the cuts, but I simply couldn't figure out how to make it work correctly. The cuts on this key are for the heart, one bird, 2 wings, and a bird on a long tab. It's clear that the birds assemble into the heart where there are slits, but I'm not sure how to get the long tab to work so that the bird is "hovering" over the other. Perhaps I cut it too big??? So, I ditched that bird and recut the other in reverse, and attached him instead. I'm just as happy with the result.

A view, looking at the opened card, from another angle. Hard to see the white-on-white dimensional birds, but they do look great in person!

I think this cartridge is great, but I might wait for further instructions before I attempt some of these cards! However, very creative and I love the idea!


  1. Thanks for sharing. This cartridge seems very hard to make.

  2. Very pretty! But it does look very difficult! Thanks for sharing :)Keep us updated if you figure out some tips and tricks!

  3. I love your card... I just brought it and sorry to hear there's no instructions...

  4. Your card is awesome!!! So beautiful -- can't wait to get this cart!

  5. Love how this turned out! I have left a blog award for you on my blog.

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