Friday, June 24, 2011


I don't have any photos that need scrappin' for Canada Day, July 1st, so I decided to do a little journal page about my first ten years in Canada. I became a citizen in 1986, and wanted to be able to tell my daughters the story of how we came to Canada and a bit about some of the places I've lived, and why it's so important to be to be Canadian. The embellishment is a famous Canadian-ism, "I AM Canadian". It's from a tv commercial, that went viral in the days before viral was.... well... viral. LOL
Here's the LO, and the video. Happy Canada Day!

Font is Tinkertoy, printed on vellum. Most other supplies are bits and pieces from my left-over drawer! Gotta love using up that stash!

I am Canadian videos:

I am Canadian by the Arrogant Worms:

I am Canadian RANT!

And just for fun: William Shatner's I am Canadian:


  1. I love all that "I am Canadian" themed stuff...I wish my video driver was working so I could see these again.

    Heh...come to my blog and pick up a blog award

  2. What a great way to treasure your memories and share them with your girls!
    Thanks for the videos, too! I enjoyed watching them!

  3. What a great thing to do for your children!!

    I have watched these videos many times! (I am a CDN living in NY... one of our favourites is the Worms "I Am Not American!")

  4. Just came across your page and think is is so great and a wodnerful way to share the story.