Saturday, January 15, 2011


My Family and I returned back from holiday two weeks ago, and I've been slowly going through the 1585 photos that we took. Oh dear, how to make a scrapbook of all those photos....??? Well, I started with picking my favorites, and editing. I'll have a tutorial on how I did the choosing and organizing a manageable amount, but today I wanted to show you the importance of editing. It can take a nice picture and make it something special!

Here's the original:

Obviously I didn't take this! Thank you to the lovely lady who did, but couldn't she have waited for that guy to move? And the background's so busy. I'm only interested in my family.

So, using my favorite free editing software, GIMP, I cloned regular sand and got rid of the walking man coming out of my shoulder. Then I looked again, and decided to get rid of the other background noise. Here's the cloning result:

Looks a bit strange, but just wait... a crop to 8x10 proportions, and this one is ready to print!

This crop was done in GIMP, but you could easily do this after uploading to the photo developer. Did I mention GIMP is free? And it's quite similar to Photoshop. I <3 GIMP!

Don't forget that I have done GIMP tutorials on cloning and tidying up photos. See my post on Photo Restoration or watch the video I made for that post at my Youtube Channel.

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  1. Now that is awesome....I so want to learn how to black out certain background of pics that are just too this...TFS

    Sheri G